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Effects of Homophobia

The effects of homophobia are far-reaching and insidious. They affect both heterosexual and LGBTQ persons, young and old. It affects families, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and complete strangers. It is an issue that effects everyone, whether they realise it or not.

HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health (ARCH) provides a variety of free HIV and LGBTQ+ workshops focusing on a wide range of topics. They can also tailor information to the specific organization requesting training! Here is a link to the 'Voices of Value' that is one of the training's ARCH can provide https://www.archguelph.ca/voicesofvalue.  This training focuses on making spaces more accessible and welcoming for members of the LGBTQ+ community and individuals living with HIV. Contact education@archguelph.ca for more information.

An article about How Homophobia Hurts Everyone – Warren J. Blumenfeld

A fascinating look at the estimated economic impact of homophobia in Canada

A look at homophobia and its effects on youth from religioustolerance.org

LGBTQ Issues in Schools from the BC Teacher’s Federation

Article: Staff Development on issues of Homophobia from GLSEN / Alterheros

Homophobia and Seniors: The Health and Social Service Needs of Gay and Lesbian Seniors and Their Families in Canada

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